21 Ukrainian coaches received UEFA C-licenses

Training in the next, fifth in a row, training group of the UEFA C-license program has ended.

All coaches who were admitted to the final training block successfully passed the exam. In total, their number is 21 people, they are coaches from various football academies and children's and youth schools of Ukraine.

The educational program consisted of a theoretical block (120 hours), practical classes and an internship.

We would like to remind you that the right to implement the training project under the UEFA C-license program was granted by the Ukrainian Football Association to the UAF Football Institute and NUFVSU.

"We released another group of coaches of the new formation, who are responsible for the future of Ukrainian children's and youth football. They have taken the first step in the educational environment.

We have well-founded hopes that the desire to constantly learn and improve will become the main factor in the continuous development of new licensed specialists," said Valery Zolotukhin, executive director of the UAF Football Institute and NUFVSU.

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