2023: the results of the year for the national football team of Ukraine

In 2023, the Ukrainian national futsal team won a ticket to the 2024 World Cup, overcoming the main and elite rounds of selection.

On March 3, the blue-yellow team secured first place in the group of the main round of the World Cup 2024 selection and an early exit to the elite round. On the same day, our team won an away sparring match with Poland. On March 8, the blue and yellow finished the main round with an away draw against the Netherlands.

After a considerable break already in autumn, Oleksandr Kosenko's wards took part in the elite round of qualification. Due to the impossibility of holding matches in Ukraine, our team hosted opponents in the Hungarian city of Beretjouifal. But that didn't stop the blue and yellow from taking first place in the group with Poland, Serbia and Belgium. Ukrainians won four victories, winning all away matches, including the decisive one opposition with the Poles. By the way, the Ukrainian national team became the most productive team of the elite round, scoring 32 goals.

So our guys won a direct ticket to the 2024 World Cup, joining the company of Kazakhstan, France, Spain and Portugal in Europe, and two more tickets will be drawn by the participants of the elite round playoffs. Final tournament to be held in Uzbekistan from September 14 to October 6, 2024.

Let's add that in 2023, 10 players scored as part of the Ukrainian futsal team, and the best scorers were Daniil Abakshin and Ihor Korsun, who scored eight goals each.

Matches of the Ukrainian futsal team in 2023



Rival (field)

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The authors of the heads of the national team of Ukraine


Comrade. match

Poland (d)


Abakshin (2), Gray (2)


World Cup 2024

The Netherlands (g)




World Cup 2024

Belgium (g)


Abakshin (3), Pedyash (2), Shoturma, Shved, Melnyk, Korsun, Fareniuk


World Cup 2024

Poland (n)


Korsun, Pedyash


World Cup 2024

Serbia (d)


Shved (2), Abakshin (2), Zhuk, Korsun


World Cup 2024

Serbia (n)




World Cup 2024

Belgium (n)


Korsun (3), Pedyash (2), Shoturma, Syriy, Fareniuk


World Cup 2024

Poland (d)


Korsun (2), Abakshin, Shoturma, Semenchenko


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