Vadim Kostyuchenko: “It is important that FFU has the opportunity to use the experience of Spanish specialists in its projects”

On March 29, the Football House hosted an official presentation of a children's football project of a training seminar for coaches of children's and youth teams of Ukraine, which was implemented through the coordinated actions of the Football Federation of Ukraine, the Football Institute, the Football Development of Ukraine Charitable Foundation and its main actors. football academy Marset from Spanish Barcelona.

For six days, experts from Marset conducted in the artificial fields of STC. V. Bannikov practical and theoretical classes for our coaches, after which they visited FFU to meet with the first vice-presidents of the federation Vadym Kostyuchenko and Oleg Protasov, as well as the new head of the Ukrainian U-15 national team Serhiy Nagornyak, whose wards will hold an open training on March 30. during which they will receive interesting advice and get acquainted with the exercises from specialists from the Barcelona Academy.

Addressing the guests, Vadym Kostyuchenko noted that Ukraine is glad to welcome coaches from Spain in Kyiv, a country that now dictates fashion in world football. It was in the capital of Ukraine that the Spanish national team won Euro 2012, and Real won the most prestigious club tournament at the NSC Olimpiysky last year - the Champions League. "It is important for us that thanks to the cooperation there is an opportunity to use the experience of Spanish coaches and specialists with Ukrainian children in such projects as the one that took place these days in the fields of NTC. V. Bannikov, - said Vadym Kostyuchenko. - We are sure that this is a very big deal. For the first time in history, on March 30, our youngest team, U-15, will train under your supervision, gaining interesting experience and knowledge from the best specialists in Europe. "

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For his part, Oleg Protasov noted that in the philosophy of educating football players in Spain, much attention is paid to the mentality of young players, individual approach to each of them: "As we teach them in childhood, they will be such players. We know how you work with footballers, what the results are in Spanish clubs and national teams. That's why we are pleased to invite you to Ukraine and thank you for the experience you pass on to our players and specialists. I am sure that our cooperation will be useful, because we have a common goal - to educate high-level players who will join the national teams in the future. "

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The sports director of the Spanish school Marset Benito Montalvo, who brought to Ukraine six coaches of different football orientations, noted that cooperation with the Football Federation of Ukraine has become a very useful and interesting experience. Most guests were impressed by the serious attitude of future players to training. “Some of our coaches got their first experience of training during the snow, which went away when the training was held for the youngest group of players. But most of all we were impressed that the kids are already adapted to such conditions and continued to work on the site with the same intensity - shared his impressions of Senior Montalvo. - In the organization and in any other issues we received support from the Football Federation of Ukraine, so the seminar was held at a very high level, we were able to calmly do their job. We saw in Ukrainian children the potential that should be worked on further. We believe that the equipment of Ukrainian footballers is at the proper level. Setting specific and clear goals and objectives for each workout will help children improve it better and reach the highest level. The top is not talent, it is something that can be achieved through hard work. "

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At the end of the presentation, the guests from Spain received football presents from the FFU leadership and took a collective photo in memory of their visit to Ukraine.

It will be recalled that about 200 children from various clubs in Kyiv and Kyiv region took part in the seminar. The main emphasis of the Spanish Academy was on identifying the advantages and disadvantages of football education for each of the students. As a result of the seminar-camp, each young football player received the relevant documents about his success during his stay in the camp.

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