U-20 national team - 2019 world champion!

The wards of Alexander Petrakov won a strong-willed victory over the Korean national team in the decisive duel of the Polish Mundial.

The path of our team to the decisive duel was thorny. So, in the semifinals she beat out strong Italy, and, unfortunately, Denis Popov received a red card in that match, who could not help the blue and yellows today. Koreans at an early stage conquered Ecuador's national team and, like the Ukrainians, they made their way to the World Cup final for the first time.

Oleksandr Petrakov decided to make some changes in the middle of the field and in the attack: Khakhlov returned to the start, started the match of Supryag from the first minutes, disqualified Tsitaishvili. However, our mentor's plan for the game was significantly affected by the episode in the first minutes, when Beskorovainy fouled in his own penalty area, and Lee Kang Ying converted a penalty. 0: 1.

The Koreans immediately gave the initiative to our team, and it responded with a blow by Buletsa in the penalty area. Blue and yellow continued to own the ball, but opponents for a long time skillfully defended. The Korean castle was broken only in the 34th minute, when after a rebound in someone else's penalty area Supryaga orientated well and punched hard into the near corner. 1: 1.

The next sharp moments happened after the break. At the beginning of the second half, the Asians took the initiative, and Cho Yong Uk scored above the goal. And in the 53rd minute, the Ukrainians responded to the efforts of rivals with the second goal of Supryaga. Hemp broke through on his flank, gave a pass to Vlad, and he accurately struck in the far corner. 2: 1.

While the Koreans recovered, our guys continued to attack. At first Bulets found himself in a great position, but scored much higher, after which his dangerous shot near the post was made by Kornienko.

In the second half, Chon Chin Yon's charges created their sharpest moment after the goal, when one of the Koreans hit his head after a corner. However, Lunin somehow miraculously reacted and turned the ball into the crossbar. The Asians continued to press, played more actively on the flanks and earned standards, but failed to equalize.

Instead, at the end of the match, the blue and yellows increased their advantage. Tsitaishvili got the ball in the center and made an incredible jerk across the half, after which he scored a great shot in the far corner. This goal finally consolidated the success of the youth national team of Ukraine, which for the first time in history won the title of world champion.

2019 World Cup (U-20). Final

Ukraine Korea 3: 1 (1: 1)

Goals: Spouse (34, 53), Tsitaishvili (89) - Lee Kang Ying (5, from the penalty spot).

Ukraine: Lunin, Bezkorovayny, Bondar (k), Safronov, Kornienko, Hemp, Dryslyuk, Khokhlyov (Cech, 56), Bulets (Kashchuk, 88), Spyryaga (Sikan, 63), Tsitaishvili.

Substitutions: Kucheruk, Raznik, Veremienko, Musolitin, Ustimenko, Snurnicin.

Trainer: Oleksandr Petrakov.

Korea: Lee Gwang Yong, Hwang Te Hyun (k), Lee Ji Sol, Kim Hyun Wu, Lee Jiek, Choe Chun (Lee Guo Hyuk, 80), Kim Xie Yong (Um Won San, 46), Kim Joon Min, Cho Yong Wu (Jong Se Jin, 63), Lee Kang Yin, O Se Hong.

Substitutions: Park Ji Min, Choi Min Su, Ko Je Hyun, Park Tae Chun, Jong Ho Jin, Kim Chu Son, Lee San Chun.

Trainer: Jong Chin Yong.

Referee: Ismail Elfath (USA).

Booked: Hemp (86) - Kim Hyun Wu (33), Lee Jae Ik (56), O Se Hong (78).

June 15. Lodz. Municipal Stadium.

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