The winners of the selection tournament for the national e-football team of Ukraine have been decided

On Thursday, December 8, the selection tournament for the national team of Ukraine in e-football in the FIFA 23 discipline ended.

The competition took place in the "2vs2" format on the PlayStation 5 platform using the FIFA 23 simulator (the squads are in the Ultimate Team mode). 16 teams competed within the upper and lower grids according to the Double Elimination system (up to two losses) in the BO3 (Best Of 3) format.

According to the results of the game series in the final of the upper grid, which took place last week, to the national team of Ukraine have dropped Oleksandr Grishai/Andriy Shakalov. 

The tournament ended with the final of the lower draw, in which Denys Yevtushyk/Yaroslav Gurmak closed the two-match series with Evgeny Mostovyk/Olexii Mercer with a victory — 4:3 (3:1, 1:2), 4:1 (1:1, 3: 0). It was this couple that received two more places in the national e-football team.

Soon, the national team of Ukraine with an updated composition will start in the first qualifying round of the World Cup — play-in FIFAe Nations Cup 2023.

The Ukrainian E-Football Association thanks you to all players for their participation and good luck in future cyber football battles!

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