Valery Palamarchuk: "Sensational Icelanders crossed out not only our plans, but also the plans of Swedes and Danks"

The other day, the youth women's national team of Ukraine WU-19 in Denmark took fourth place in the Euro-2023 selection group in League A and, unfortunately, is forced to go down in class.

"Unlike the rest of the participants, due to Russian aggression, we gathered this year only for the first time," said the head coach of the Ukrainian national team WU-19 Valery Palamarchuk in a comment to the official UAF website. — We had to limit ourselves to the four-day stage of preparation. Of course, this was not enough.

— In an interview on our website before leaving for Denmark, you mentioned that it is first of all important not to make a mistake with the strategy. What did you mean?

- We must be realistic. The main task was to maintain registration in the elite division. Since the chances of our first opponents - the Swedes and Danes - were highly valued, it was desirable to approach the final confrontation, with the Icelanders, with better indicators, so that even a draw was passable.

— However, the Icelanders, who became the real opening act of the tournament, had a different opinion...

— You are right, no one expected such a powerful performance from the Iceland national team. It is possible that housewives and Swedes even trivially underestimated her. However, these are their problems. Facts are a stubborn thing: the Icelanders, having demonstrated maximum determination and surprising with their ability to press, aiming at the goal and the ability to effectively distribute forces during the matches, managed to get a ticket to the final part of the European Championship early. And, note, we are talking about the team that started the current campaign from League B!

— And yet — how can you explain the crushing defeats of the Ukrainian women against the Swedes (0:5) and the Danes (1:5)?

— Of course, one could complain about the fact that on the eve of the start, the key defensive player Lesia Olkhova was out due to injury, but frankly speaking, our girls were not ready for such aggressive, fast face-to-face actions. The equipment was limping, and the lack of teamwork had a negative effect on the implementation of tactical plans.

Photo of UAF press service

— But in the final match, your wards still managed to slam the door loudly, preventing the Icelanders from achieving the maximum result in Denmark...

— Indeed, in the last match, the girls entertained with meaningful actions. And if it weren't for an unfortunate mistake when playing the ball from their own goal, they could have taken the win in general. We had to settle for a draw - 2:2. You know, I even caught myself thinking that if this group tournament was held in two rounds, we would have performed more successfully...

- What's next?

— The backbone of the national team, which is a group of soccer players born in 2004, is leaving the team, and, I hope, the best of these performers will eventually knock on the door of the women's national team of Ukraine. As for the Euro-2024 selection, the basis will be girls born in 2005 who performed in Denmark. It is also necessary to review potential female candidates who are a year younger. The draw should take place in June, during which we will find out our first opponents already in League B. Of course, we will have to make maximum efforts to return to the elite as soon as possible.

Euro-2023 (WU-19). The second round of selection. Group A5


Ukraine — Sweden — 0:5

Denmark - Iceland - 0:1


Denmark - Ukraine - 5: 1

Sweden - Iceland - 1:2


Iceland - Ukraine - 2: 2 

Sweden - Denmark - 0:2 









1. Iceland







2. Denmark







3. Sweden







4. Ukraine







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