U-17: Personnel foundation for the success of the youth team of Ukraine in qualifying for Euro-2019

In the second decade of October, the players of the 2002 U-17 national team played their first official matches in their biography - the first round of Euro 2019 qualification.

And they have returned from the Bosnian town of Kakanj with the winners of the group with a pass to the elite qualifying round, which will be held in spring 2019. The draw of the elite round will take place on December 6 in Swiss Nyon.

Triumph during preparation

Preparations for the start of the selection began in the spring of 2017, when Vladimir Yezersky first assembled this team. Since then, before the start of the official tournament, the boys of the year 2002 were held 19 friendly matches, in 10 of which they won.

They also won five of six fights in the 2018-2019 season. Three of the four are at the August Bannik Memorial. There was a draw in the final match against Turkey, and we had to score a penalty where our goalkeeper Ruslan Neshcheret excelled in scoring three (!) Shots from the 11-meter mark.

So for the sixth time (and for the first time since 2012) Ukraine won the Victor Bannikov Memorial. Although, according to Yezersky, no one has set such a task: "The main thing is to look at new players, who have been replaced by some of the main performers who are either injured or left in the clubs, as now it is not an official window for international matches."

And in September there were two sparring with Azerbaijan, won with a total score of 10: 0. Although initially plans were games with Ireland.

Breeding work

In matches Viktor Bannikov Memorial sparring and coaching staff of the Azeris failed to see the large number of players. August - 21 th, in September - another seven new (compared to the previous stage). In October, the game added two more skills, including - scorer of the German "Nuremberg" Eric Shuranov. At the beginning of the season-2018/2019 in the German Bundesliga (South Zone), he scored six goals in seven matches.

The guy showed his class and in the national team of Ukraine - four goals in three duels. He started the selection in the reserve, but already the second and third matches he spent in the base. Especially important were his two effective punches in the fight with the owners of the tournament, Bosnia and Herzegovina, for first place in the group.

Horrible start, good finish

Perhaps the devastating victories over Azerbaijan have slightly cooled the team. And starting match with Iceland, which was played by several guys in 2003, Ukraine's U-17 team started off terribly. After 7 minutes wards Sergei Nagornjak (assistant head coach Vladimir replaced Jeziorsko who did not fly to Bosnia for family reasons) are lost - 0: 2. Well, it was possible to play and save the match - 2: 2.

In the second round Ukrainians Were from Gibraltar - 11: 0and then it was the same a key duel with Bosnia, which also tied her fight with Iceland to a draw.

In the event of a settlement between the teams of Ukraine and Bosnia would have to consider additional indicators (in the victory over Iceland hibraltartsyamy no doubt), but this time our boys were set up very seriously. Three times Ukraine was ahead in the count, twice in Bosnia regaining equilibrium, but in the third effort there was not enough. 3: 2.

Personnel facts

Nine players of Shakhtar, seven of Dynamo, one of Dnipro, German of Nuremberg and Belarussian of Dynamo of Minsk formed the basis of the team in qualifying matches.

All three matches were played by 13 football players: Bohdan Vyunnik, Danylo Goncharuk, Daniel Egbudzhuo, Edward Kobak, Vladislav Kobilyanskiy, Georgy Sudakov, Nikita Turbaevsky (all - Shakhtar), Viktor Bliznichenko, Vladimir Brazhko, Vladislav Baranov Skorko (all - Dynamo) and Eric Shuranov (Nuremberg).

Two matches were played by Konstantin Vivcharenko (Dynamo), Anthony Emery (Shakhtar) and Maxim Solovyov (Dnipro), one each by Dmitry Avdeev (Shakhtar), Yevgeny Ryazantsev (Dynamo) and Maxim Shevchenko ( Dynamo Minsk).

Goalkeeper Oleksiy Slutsky (Dynamo) has never played.

The best scorers of the team in the selection: 4 goals - Sudakov, Shuranov, 2 - Vanat, Kobak, 1 - Bliznichenko, Brazhko, Goncharuk, Skorko.

Another 11 players took part in the preparation for the start: five from Dynamo (Yegor Glushach, Mikhail Zheleznyak, Vladimir Zdryko, Nikita Isadchenko and Ruslan Neshcheret), two from Dnepr (Danilo Volynets and Miroslav Znovenko) and " Carpathian Mountains ”(Taras Kud and Yuri Tlumak), one each from the Kyiv Music School-15 (Maxim Kucheriavy) and Shakhtar (Artem Umanets).

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