Oleg Kuznetsov: “Before the team we will set the task to take first place in the group”

When choosing a team to participate in the Euro-2020 qualifying round, U-19 U-XNUMX coach of Ukraine Oleg Kuznetsov relied on proven players and those who have practice in their clubs.

yesterday night collection began youth team of Ukraine (players not older than 2001 year of birth), who will participate in the Euro-13 qualifying round (U-19) from November 2020 to November 19.

On the eve of the start of direct preparation for these competitions, the head coach of the blue and yellow Oleg Kuznetsov answered questions from the official website of the UAF.

- Oleg Vladimirovich, your team gathering started two days later than planned. Why?

- That's the situation. Shakhtar and Dynamo played in the UEFA Youth League. In addition, the U-19 championship tour, which takes place on November 8 and 9, was not postponed, although we asked clubs before the start of the season. Therefore, only by the evening of the 9th the team will be in full force, and the next day we will be leaving for Sweden.

- It can be said that the first match of your qualification will be played by your team almost from the letter.

- We are used to it already.

- All of them the best football players of 2001 will come to the national team?

- Basically, yes. Our coaching staff sees exactly that. The choice fell on those performers who have full-fledged playing practices in their clubs, and on those guys we've known for a long time.

- How do you describe your future rivals?

- The main focus is now on the national team of Estonia, with which we play the first match of the tournament. Already after this meeting we will get a video of the match Sweden - Slovenia and start to study more closely the following rivals. I have seen some matches of Swedes and Slovenians, but have not told our players anything yet, since we need to verify the data with new information.

As for the Estonians, they have guys performing in overseas clubs. I have already received fresh information about this opponent.

The Slovenes have a typical Yugoslav school. They include many fast, technical football players. For them, this is a chance to express themselves and go to a stronger country by football standards, so the motivation in the Slovenian national team will be at the highest level.

The Swedes are typical of the Scandinavian national teams. The team operates in a forceful manner, with high hitters in the lineup who play well with the head.

- During the draw of the qualifying round of the European Championship Ukraine's national team was in the first basket. Are we favorites?

- Do not think. We have an even group, except that the national team of Estonia is slightly behind.

- Blue-yellow set to win your group?

- Let's try. UAF has created all the conditions for qualitative preparation, and now our main goal is to get to the next stage of the competition, preferably - from the first place, as this can affect the team sowing during the draw of the elite round.

Recall that in the qualifying round of the European Championship 2020 (U-19), our team will play against Estonia (November 13), Slovenia (November 16) and Sweden (November 19). The elite round will feature two of the strongest teams in each group and the best among the teams that will take third place (as a result of meetings with two leaders of their group). The matches of this stage will take place in spring 2020.

The winners of the seven elite round groups will make their way to the final stage, which will take place in July 2020 in Northern Ireland.

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