Serhiy Buletsa: "The coach stressed that it is important to win the World Cup to support our military"

After the match with Italy, the national team of Ukraine U-20 could not lose the chance to become the world champion, the midfielder of blue-yellow Sergey Bulets considers.

A year later triumph of the youth national team of Ukraine at the World Cup (U-20) blue-yellow midfielder Serhiy Bulets shared his impressions of this tournament.

- Serhiy, a year ago Ukraine beat South Korea in the final of the World Youth Championship in Poland. Remember how that day started?

- We were very focused on the upcoming match. Reaching the final, you could not relax. Therefore, we analyzed our mistakes even more carefully, studied the opponent in detail.

- Was the installation for the game in a hotel or in a stadium?

- At the stadium.

- What words did Oleksandr Petrakov find for the team before the final?

- The point was that this is a great chance for us to go down in history, a chance to declare Ukraine to the whole world. There is a military conflict in the east of the country, so we wanted to support our military with such a victory, which was what the mentor emphasized.


- At what stage of the World Cup did you realize that Ukraine can win the tournament?

- Probably after games with Colombia. It was a difficult match, we scored the only goal that allowed us to reach the semifinals. After that, there was confidence in their abilities.

- The next match, with Italy, was the most difficult?

- Undoubtedly. The match was difficult. Italy played well, put pressure on our defense. But the national team of Ukraine had no less desire to get to the final.

- You scored three times during the final stage of the World Cup. Which ball is the most memorable?

- At the gates of the Italian national team. Such a fight, such a rival ... This goal was the most important for me in the tournament.

- Do you sometimes watch this meeting?

- It happens. Sometimes friends remind (smiles).

- In addition to the championship medal, you received the "Silver Ball" as the second best player of the tournament. Where are these prizes stored now?

- At home, along with other awards ...

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