U-21: the schedule of matches of the Valery Lobanovsky Tournament with the participation of the youth national team of Ukraine has been determined

This year, the youth national teams of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Tunisia and Uzbekistan will take part in the traditional tournament in Kyiv under the auspices of the UAF.

Valery Lobanovsky's tournament-2021 



Ukraine (U-21) - Azerbaijan (U-21). Kiev. NTK them. V. Bannikov

Tunisia (U-21) - Uzbekistan (U-21). Kiev. Obolon Arena Stadium


Match with the participation of the youth national team of Ukraine. Kiev. NTK them. V. Bannikov

Match for 3rd place or final. Kiev. Obolon Arena Stadium

The time of the matches will be approved later. 

The tournament is organized by the Ukrainian Football Association and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine. 

The second training camp of the youth national team of Ukraine this year will be dedicated to the participation in the Tournament of Valery Lobanovsky and a friendly match with the team of Turkey, which will take place after the memorial. It will be recalled that the traditional tournament in Kyiv, which is held annually under the auspices of the Ukrainian Football Association, in 2020 did not occur due to a pandemic COVID-19 and the verdict of the UEFA Executive Committee on the suspension of all football events. In 2019, the last winner of the competition became the youth national team of Ukraine.

In the semifinals of this year's tournament, Ruslan Rotan's team will meet with Azerbaijani peers on May 26 at the STC. V. Bannikov. The blue-yellows will play the second match in two days at the same stadium. Depending on the result of the match with the Azerbaijanis, it will be the final or the game for the third place. Accordingly, the status of another match, which will take place on May 28 at Obolon Arena, will depend on the performance of the Ukrainians in the semifinals.

After the Lobanovsky Tournament, the youth national team of Ukraine will go to Turkey. On June 2, the blue-and-yellow team will play a friendly match against the U-21 home team at the Recep Tayyip Erdogan Stadium in Istanbul. At this stadium, where the local FC Kasimpasa plays, the Ukrainian youth team has already held sparring matches with its Turkish peers in 2017. But the meeting ended in a draw - 1: 1.


Friendly Match

Turkey (U-21%) - Ukraine (U-21%). Istanbul. Recep Erdogan Stadium. 19.30

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