Euro 2022 (U-17). Match of the elite round of selection: Ukraine - Italy - 1: 3 (text broadcast)

Today in Siena, Oleg Kuznetsov's wards are holding their third, decisive match in the elite qualifying round of Euro-2022 (U-17) - against Italy. The meeting will start at 16.00 Kyiv time. Only the victory of the youth national team of Ukraine reaches the final tournament. In other circumstances, the outcome of the parallel Poland-Kosovo match should be taken into account. Schedule - by the link. 

90 + 4 minutes The final whistle of the match. Ukraine loses to Italy with a score of 1: 3 and does not go to the European Championship among 17-year-old national teams.

90 + 3 minutes Goal of Ukraine! And yet Kuznetsov's team is marked by the ball of prestige. Balaba closes Kremchanin's pass from the corner with a header!

90 + 2 min Italy slowly controls the ball, rolls it on its own half.

90 + 1 min Penalty for Italy. Firman knocked Parravichini down on the flank.

90 min Three minutes compensates the referee until the main time of the second half.

89 min Poland still scores the second goal against Kosovo, so now Italy and Poland will definitely be participants in the final part of the European Championship.

88 min Replacement for Ukraine. Lysenko replaces Gusev in Oleg Kuznetsov's team.

87 minutes. Day cleverly threw the ball at Gusev with his heel, but the defender failed to clear it and strike an accentuated shot on goal.

86 min Angular for Ukraine. Magro takes the serve of Ukraine from the corner of the field and is in no hurry to enter it into the game.

85 minutes. The team's match is already over, in which Ukraine still lacked the skill and freshness to fight for a positive result.

83 minutes. Fesyuk is the first to pick up the ball after a lighted candle in the penalty area, Ukraine starts a counterattack.

82 min Angular for Italy. Already ninth in number in this match.

80 minutes. According to current schedules, Italy and Poland will qualify for the European Championship, while Ukraine will remain out of the final part of the tournament.

79 min Replacement in Italy. Sayani and Vacca left the field, and Malaspina and Mizitano entered the game.

77 min Angular for Italy. Sizonyuk interrupted the supply from the corner of the field and leveled the threat to his goal.

74 min Goal of Italy. Lipani closes the supply from the corner and brings the score to a crushing.

72 min Replacement in Italy. Orrovicini came on for Onofrietti. He also left the Bolzano field and will play Delle Monake.

70 min The first yellow card for Italy in this game. Warnings for the Sayan Mountains.

69 minutes. The pace of the game has dropped significantly. Italy is satisfied with the score 2: 0, and Ukraine lacks the condition and an extra player to try to return to the game.

68 min Penalty for Italy and yellow card for Ukraine. Ogarkov did not have time to enter the game, as he had already fouled against Cueto on the "mustard".

66 min Replacement in Ukraine. Ogarkov replaced Derkach.

65 min Angular for Italy. He earned Onofrietti on Balaba.

64 min Poland tied the score in the match against Kosovo - 1: 1. In fact, all the factors in the tournament are currently against Ukraine, unfortunately.

63 min Ukraine does not take a penalty! Kremchanin's shot hit the post, he scored the ball, but it was his second touch, and the referee did not count the goal.

62 min Replacement in Italy. Cueto replaces Bruno.

61 min Penalties for Ukraine! Earned Derkach! 

59 min Goal of Italy. Di Maggio put the ball into the bottom far corner with a direct free kick from 15 meters. 0: 2.

57 min Red card for Ukraine! The referee removes Janovic for depriving the opponent of an obvious goal opportunity against Onofrietti. This happened as a result of a quick Italian counterattack.

55 min Dangerous moment for Ukraine! Gusev struck from a long distance half a meter above the far "nine".

54 minutes. Ukraine has significantly improved control of the ball compared to the first half, but so far without danger at the gates of Italy.

52 min Foul in the national team of Ukraine. Janowicz raised his foot high and played against the opponent, who took the ball.

51 min Angular for Ukraine. Derkach earned a standard in the confrontation with two defenders.

49 min Angular for Ukraine. The day earned a standard position at the gates of rivals.

48 minutes. Unsuccessfully, the Ukrainians played a free kick, a misunderstanding arose between our players during the draw.

47 min Penalty for Ukraine. Vasilets earned a standard on the left flank, ahead of his opponent in the fight for the ball.

46 min The second half begins. Two replacements in Ukraine. Firman will play instead of Matkevych, and Den will play instead of Nahrudny.

45 + 1 min The first half is over. After 45 minutes of play, Ukraine loses to Italy 0-1.

45 min 1 minute compensated the referee until the main time of the first half.

44 minutes. The throw-in performed by Onofrietti ended with Fesiuk being the first to reach the ball.

43 min Free kick for Italy. Wakka fell in the fight with Janowicz, and the referee kicked the Ukrainians in the direction of the gate.

42 min Yellow card for Ukraine. Derkach jerked off the defender and fell at the entrance to the penalty area, but the referee showed the card to our player for the simulation.

40 min Goal kick for Ukraine. Onofrietti won the speed race from Gusev, but did not keep the ball within the field.

39 min Penalty for Ukraine. Gusev tried to disperse the Ukrainian counterattack, but Onofrietti held him by the shirt.

37 min Kosovo took the lead in the match against Poland - 1: 0! This is good news for Ukrainian fans. But Kosovo needs to score more and more.

36 min Dangerous moment in Italy! Another save by the Ukrainian goalkeeper, who turned the ball in a shocking jump after the Italian player hit the corner.

34 minutes. It is quite easy for Italy to pass through the Ukrainian lines, but the defense plays compactly and reliably, not allowing Vazzi to strike.

32 min Damage in Italy. He got Wakka on his feet near the center line, who scored the only goal of the match so far.

31 min Another chance for Italy. Fesyuk coped with the Italian's blow and an unpleasant ricochet, took the ball in his hands.

29 minutes. Italy still managed to realize their game advantage. Now Ukraine needs to score two goals or hope for Kosovo in the match against Poland to qualify for the European Championship.

28 min Goal of Italy! Bolzan took the ball in the penalty area and successfully threw it under the blow of Vazzi. He fired a direct blow at the far corner of Fesyuk. 0: 1.

26 min Dangerous moment for Italy! DiMaggio rocked the defender, shot from the right, and Bolzano did not have enough to get the ball and send it into the goal.

24 min Dangerous moment for Ukraine! Derkach made a free kick, and Nagrudny headed the ball into the hands of the goalkeeper. The first blow to the plane from the Ukrainians.

22 min Another free kick for Italy. Now Bilokon did not play by the rules, and this is a dangerous standard for rivals.

21 min Yellow card in Ukraine. Vasilets interrupted Italy's promising attack and received a fair warning.

20 min Angular for Italy. Sizonyuk interrupted the serve with his head on the Italian striker and kicked the ball off the field.

18 min The first blow of Ukraine! Gusev broke into the strike position and punched from the left foot towards the near corner - a little inaccurate!

17 min Penalty for Italy. Breaststroke lost the fight in the other half of the field Manet and fouled.

15 min Dangerous moment for Italy! Gusev insures Sizonyuk and does not allow Boltsan to come face to face with the goalkeeper!

13 minutes. Attempts by the Ukrainians to catch the ball and gain control over it have not yet succeeded.

12 min Dangerous moment for Italy! Fesyuk saves his goal after a close shot from Chiarodiya! Brilliant save of our goalkeeper!

11 min Angular for Italy. Balaba kicked the ball off the field in the fight against Bolzano.

10 min Ukraine fought back. With Kremchanin's efforts, the blue-and-yellows leveled the threat after the free kick and are trying to disperse the counterattack.

9 min Penalty for Italy. Balaba played with his hand, interrupting the Italian's serve from the flank.

8 min The first blow in the match. Di Maggio scored above the goal from outside the penalty area.

7 min Foul of Ukraine. Matkevych broke the rules in the center in the fight against his counterpart.

5 min Italy controls the ball. Domanico fired a shot towards the Ukrainians from the right, but the defender intercepted the ball.

Photo by the UAF Press Service

Photo of UAF press service

3 minutes. Onofrietti advanced with the ball through the center, but tripped on the third defender and fell, losing the ball.

2 min Goal kick for Italy. A split pass from the left flank found Kremchanin on the opposite side, but the defender did not allow the opponent to reach him.

1 min The match has started!

Photo of UAF press service

0 minutes. The handshake of the captains and a short speech of the referees, the match will start in a few moments.

0 minutes. Oleg Kuznetsov has chosen a 4-2-3-1 scheme for the game, and the Italians will play in a 4-1-3-2 formation.

0 minutes. The Ukrainian flag on the central rostrum, as well as a banner with the inscription "Peace - peace" at the stadium in Siena!

Photo of UAF press service

0 minutes. Ukraine will play in yellow, Italy - in blue.

0 minutes. The teams are already on the field, the national anthems of Ukraine and Italy are being played!

The starting line-up of Ukraine: 12. Fesyuk, 17. Bilokon, 3. Balaba, 18. Sizonyuk, 20. Gusev, 6. Yanovich (k), 19. Vasylets, 7. Kremchanin, 14. Matkevich, 11. Derkach, 16. Breastplate.

Substitutions: 1. Tailor, 2. Day, 5. Bats, 8. Ogarkov, 9. Yakimenko, 10. Mykytyuk, 15. Firman, 21. Yanchyshyn, 22. Lysenko.

Starting lineup of Italy: 1. Magro, 3. Sayani, 6. Chiarodia, 5. Manet, 17. Domanico, 4. Lipani (k), 15. Onofrietti, 20. Bruno, 7. Di Maggio, 18. Vacca, 9. Bolzano.

Substitutions: 12. Borriello, 2. Serra, 8. Ciammaglicella, 10. Cueto, 11. Delle Monaco, 13. Milan, 14. Parravichini, 16. Malaspina, 19. Misitano.

Referee: Marian Alexandru Barbu (Romania).

Euro-2022 (U-17). Elite round

Group 6


Kosovo - Ukraine - 0: 2 

Italy - Poland - 1: 0 


Ukraine - Poland - 2: 3 

Italy - Kosovo - 1: 0


Ukraine - Italy - 1: 3

Poland - Kosovo - 2: 1










































In the first round of the elite round of Euro 2022, the youth national team of Ukraine (players not older than 2005) defeated the team of Kosovo (2: 0), and in the second, unfortunately, lost to Poland (2: 3). Today, the blue and yellows will face an extremely difficult test in a duel with the hosts of the competition - the Italians.

What do you need to enter the Euro?

It will be recalled that to get to the final tournament you need to take first or second place in the group (in the second case you need to have no worse than in Hungary, which took second place in Group 1 with one gold point) in matches against first and third teams) and the difference of balls -2).

With the same number of points directly in the group according to the regulations take into account primarily personal meetings. Given the situation, the national team of Ukraine in the match against Italy must win. Then our team guarantees itself the first or second place (with three gold points). In the event of our draw, we must hope for the defeat of Poland in the meeting with Kosovo. Then we finish second with four gold points. In case of defeat by Italy, the task can be solved only if Kosovo wins over Poland with a difference of two or three (only 3: 0, 4: 1) goals. This is so that our team, taking second place, has three gold points with Kosovo, which finishes third in this schedule. 

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