The women's beach soccer team of Ukraine kept its place in the top 3 of the world ranking

The World Beach Soccer Organization (BSWW) has updated the ranking of the men's and women's national teams for the fourth time this year. 

According to the UEFA official website reports BSWW, the men's national team of Ukraine has changed its position. The wards of Mykola Kostenko and Oleksandr Korniychuk, who were in 16th place in the world ranking in August, now occupy the 960th place with 17 points, 40 points behind Oman. 

   Structure О
1  Brazil 3002
2  Portugal 2503
3  Spain 2455
4  Paraguay 2147
5  Японія 2065
6  Italy 1856
7  Switzerland 1849
8  OAE 1661
9  Iran 1625
10  Senegal 1593
---  ---------------- -----
17  Ukraine 960

In August, the women's national team of Ukraine took third place in the BSWW world ranking. Currently, Yuriy Klymenko's wards have retained their position with 869 points. The blue-yellows are behind England by 47 points. And the Spanish national team is leading here.

   Structure О
1  Spain 1800
2  England 916
3  Ukraine 869
4  Portugal 817
5  Czech Republic 664
6  Brazil 641
7  Italy 604
8  USA 572
9  Poland 409
10  Salvador 345


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