Myron Markevich: "The Spaniards have a lot to learn, but our veterans are in no way inferior to them"

Last weekend, the Ukrainian national team of veterans spent two busy days in Madrid.

On the first day, they won the prestigious Solidarity Tournament-2019, and on the second day, a match was held with the national community of Ukraine. The 68-year-old chairman of the UAF National Teams Committee, Myron Markevich, spoke for the team of national football legends, who shared his impressions:

- We participated in a very respectable tournament, there were famous teams, many titled football players. The Ukrainian national team took this competition very seriously, winning almost all the games, including the final with Atletico Madrid - 3: 1. I want to thank our players: they have not only won - they have scored cool balls, created combinations and earned the respect of local spectators. Ruslan Rotan, Sergei Nazarenko, Alexey Belik ... They are all in great playing form, continue to enjoy football and give emotions to the fans. I liked everything very much, I am glad that I took part.

Quite different was the second day we held a feast for the Diaspora, which is very numerous in Madrid and in Spain. Many people came and danced and sang Ukrainian ensembles for us. The team of the community, too, should be noted for their level of amateurs, but their character is genuine, combative. It was not easy for us to find an approach.

- Spanish football has its own unique style, in the games of veterans is it noticeable too?

- You know, they are all trained, the technique is at a very high level. They are physically loaded, heavier, no longer at that speed, but how they work with the ball! We need to adopt this. And to do it from childhood, bringing mastery to automatism. Our veterans are in no way inferior to rivals and have represented Ukrainian football from the best side.

Photo of the press service of AFVU

- The vast majority of veteran national team players have played under your leadership at various times. How do you feel now when you play in the same team?

- Okay. When I was training football players, I always participated in playing exercises. It's nice that I'm playing with them now. They treat me, I have to pick this word correctly, tactfully. I try as much as I can to help them - or at least not to interfere with playing football. For these wonderful minutes on the field I want to say thank you to all the players and coach Anatoliy Demyanenko.

- The next matches of the national team of veterans are scheduled for 8-June 9 in the Lviv region. As far as you know, you also joined their organization ...

- I was approached by team leaders from Podmonaster and Rudkov (these people support veteran football, put teams on the championship of Lviv region) with a request to play with the veterans team. Oleg Sobutsky, for whom he had a special thanks, agreed and greatly helped in organizing these games. The team is touring in support of the Ukrainian army, and here we will still support our team in obtaining a permit for Euro 2020 by attending the matches at Arena Lviv on June 7 and 10 against Serbia and Luxembourg. The veterans team will have two good games, as far as I know, a lot of spectators are expected, because for Podmastyr and Rudkov such duels will be truly historic. On this occasion, I invite everyone to visit the Lviv region and the games of national and veteran teams of Ukraine these days.

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