Mikhail Mudryk: “Supporting the fans at the Valery Lobanovsky Tournament helped us win”

Midfielder of the youth national team of Ukraine Mykhailo Mudryk commented on the victory of the blue-yellows over Israel in the finals of the tournament Valery Lobanovsky and remembered his goal at the opponent's goal.

- Mykhailo, remember the combination that led to the goal of the Israeli national team.

- We had a counterattack, which I supported at speed. He received a pass, beat the goalkeeper and scored the ball. We thank all our fans who came to the "Olympic" to support the team in the final of the tournament. It was nice, for us it is a good motivation.

- What task did you get from the coach as a substitute?

- He said to help the defender and, if possible, beat the opponent one on one.

- What does winning this tournament mean to you?

- I think people can say different things, but for 10 years the "youth" did not win this tournament. We really wanted to win and leave the trophy in Kyiv. So we were seriously motivated.

- When there were ten left, did the excitement add?

- No, I believed that we could endure. We did it.

- Will the team be ready for the autumn start in official meetings? Is there already playfulness?

- So. We will prepare further. There should be another collection for official matches. I'm sure we will play even more. Although I think that now the "youth" is already in good condition.

- How do you evaluate your game at the tournament?

- Not for me to evaluate, but I always want to play better. I am satisfied with my actions, but I want to progress further.

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