A busy September for the Ukrainian national veterans team: visit to Canada and sell-out in Lviv region

Legends of national football, united in the national team of Ukraine among veterans, in September visited with a friendly visit to Canada and held two matches in Lviv - in Vinnytsia and Sukhovol.

Toronto (Canada)

A visit to the Maple Leaf Country became another in the world tour of the national team, the main purpose of which is to unite Ukrainians in different corners of the globe. The beginning of the match was preceded by a bright opening ceremony, with the words of its participants addressed the participants, the National Anthems of Ukraine and Canada were heard, on behalf of our team Oleg Sobutsky handed the diaspora a baked and brought from Ukraine a white pigeon….

The response of the spectators to the events on the pitch was appropriate. When Markevich and his recent wards come out together with Rotan, Ishchenko, Mandzyuk, when they are once again managing in the Nagornyak and Belik attack, and this incomparable football ensemble is conducted by the inimitable Demyanenko, for a few hours you are involuntarily carried back to years, remembering light-heartedness.

The whole game was held in half of the Diaspora field, they were vigorously defending themselves, hoping for luck in the counterattack. And this tactic, to be fair, worked. In the first half, a penalty was earned and scored, and already after the break, a second ball flew into Reva's goal. The result is completely illogical - given the dozen or so incredible moments created by our legends. What was only worth the blows from Rotan, Nagornyak, Shelaev, Sobutsky, Tsikhmistruk, Maksimov ... 10 minutes before the game ended Rotan managed to beat the goalkeeper and narrow the gap - 1: 2. The final whistle caught the national team of veterans in the attacks, but the defeat was not avoided.

Photo of the press service of AFVU

In addition to the football game, the veterans team had a rich program of events, the main one being the Ukrainian Festival in Toronto. For its 23rd consecutive year, in September, one of the city's central streets is closed, where various locations, scenes are set, and about half a million people take part in the festival. Famous football players dressed in embroideries were perhaps the main participants in a large-scale action, first in the column after walking the Toronto march, and then entering the main stage.

Oleg Sobutsky addressed the guests, noting Canada's great assistance to modern Ukraine and the need for more cooperation between the two friendly countries. The Foreign Minister of Canada, Christina Freeland, was on the stage, and Myron Markevych presented a t-shirt with autographs from the whole football community, Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada Andriy Shevchenko. It was especially gratifying to receive a letter of congratulation from the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, who sincerely thanked the veterans team for their visit and for their hard work in supporting the Ukrainians.

Photo of the press service of AFVU

Vinnytsia (Lviv region)

Lviv region is one of the most football regions of Ukraine, the veterans team is a frequent guest here. What is the value of this year's game with the Carpathians at the Arena Lviv in honor of the 125th anniversary of Ukrainian football or last year with the national team of Georgia veterans! The stars of our football and the residents of small towns, where the whole area usually gathers for matches, are pleased.

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The small Vinnytsia, which is six kilometers from Lviv, has its pride - the Bogdan Markevich Stadium. Well-known Ukrainian coach Myron Markevych made the first steps in football in this arena, and when he became a successful mentor, he erected a whole football complex on the site of a small stadium with three large and several small fields, locker rooms, a restaurant ... Today it is a real football oasis where children and young people , amateur and professional teams are honing their skills from morning to evening.

Photo of the press service of AFVU

"About one hundred years ago, the central stadium of Vinnytsia, it is time to move forward, give the field a new life," says Miron Markevich. - We removed the topsoil, installed drainage, irrigation system, sowed grass, and today, in five months, the field is ready for football. At its opening I invited my friends from the veterans team. Thank you very much to everyone who came to Vinnytsia, and especially to the founder of the national team, Oleg Sobutsky, who puts his heart and strength into this special team. The opponent was the Vinnytsia Movement. In this game I went out to be fellow countrymen, and the next day, in Sukhovol, I already wore a native blue and yellow T-shirt. "

Photo of the press service of AFVU

The field of perfect quality in a small town impressed even experienced players. Here are all the conditions to play and show your skills. And she has never gone to the stars in years. The applause of the spectators came after successful passes, passes, strikes and, of course, goals. In the first half scored by Vitaliy Mandzyuk and Oleg Sobutsky, the home side responded with a goal kick from Mikhail Lutsyshyn. After the break, Oleg Sobutsky and Mykola Ishchenko scored again, and Myron Markevich held the second Rukh ball to the fans' delight. In the end - 4: 2 in favor of distinguished guests.

Sukhovolya (Lviv region)

Cozy Sukhovolya has never seen so many famous football players at the same time. In Gorodok district every year there is a championship among veterans, the best players from the teams of which have earned the right to go against the legends of football. The meeting was dedicated to supporting the military in the area of ​​OOS.

There was also a sporting component at a high level. The avid players from Lviv region, among whom stood out Oleg Yaremchuk, father of the striker of the national team of Ukraine Roman Yaremchuk, tried to act carefully and organized, at the first signs of fatigue they changed each other. Only at the end of the match the victory of the national team of Ukraine brought a head kick from Vyacheslav Svidersky!

Photo of the press service of AFVU

The organizer of matches of the national team of veterans was LLC Agrobusiness with the support of the Ukrainian Football Association and the Association of Veterans of Football of Ukraine.

Photo of the press service of AFVU

The results of the matches in September were summed up by UAF Vice-President, AVFU President Oleg Sobutsky: “Ukraine, represented by Canada, has a good friend and partner, and the ties between our countries have only grown stronger over the years. Toronto has a very cohesive and patriotic Ukrainian community that helps our military and by all means support the interests of Ukraine. Two years ago, during our first visit to Canada, we met. Now it has only deepened, we have many ideas for cooperation.

Our famous football players are worthy ambassadors of Ukraine to the world, which is worth a meeting with Christie Freeland, other leaders of Canada and the diaspora. For this, I want to thank each of the players, coach Anatoliy Demyanenko, the illustrious Miron Markevich. If you need to go to Canada, go to Canada, in the ATO - then go to the ATO. We all understand the importance and authority of football, trying to use it to unite Ukrainians. Earlier in the world tour we had meetings in the USA, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Georgia and other countries. We will continue the work started, because only by uniting will we be able to make Ukraine happy and peaceful.

The best impressions were left from the games in Lviv region. There are always full stadiums here, the spectators are happy to see our every match. Myron Markevich invited us to open the field to Vinniki. We knew how much effort and money he puts into his life, his football infrastructure, and Vinnyk's teams. They came and saw with their own eyes a truly European level, what a modern stadium now has Lviv Region. We will continue to unite Ukraine around football and support our military in such games. ”

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