Oleksandr Kosenko: "The Serbs had emotional support from the fans, and we did not cope with this pressure ..."

Head Coach of Ukraine Futsal Oleksandr Kosenko summed up the team's performance in the elite round of the 2020 World Cup.

In early February, in Niš, Serbia, blue and yellow were arguing for the 2020 World Cup ticket. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian national team finished fourth in the group. When emotions subsided, we spoke with our team mentor, Alexander Kosenko.

- How will you rateDo you have the result and game of your players in the elite round of the 2020 World Cup?

- It is clear that the result is unsatisfactory. We have not completed the task. However, the game is not as hopeless as it seems. In that respect, the matches were good Spain й France. Concerning the match with Serbia, then the team won the nerve, which proved to be stronger.

- Is it possible to call the match with the hosts a key for our team?

- It seems to me that the game of nerves was going on with the Serbs. The hosts had emotional support from the fans. We did not cope with this pressure, which is primarily the fault of the coaches. We could not influence the wards, though we tried. I will not say that the coaches did nothing. Unfortunately, the pressure could not be managed.

- Don't you think that the Ukrainian national team was not lucky enough to have problems with implementation?

- Of course, you can complain about luck, but we do not use these moments. I can not blame any of the guys, the responsibility for the result rests with the coaches. This is actually true. So, we missed some points somewhere.

In terms of implementation, when the attacks are completed, the performers must decide for themselves whether to play individually. Perhaps we need to be more relaxed. Completing the attack is a fine art. The punch may be rough and neat or subtle, but it will turn into a goal. Again, you can complain about luck, but first you need to ask us.

- What are the future plans of the national team of Ukraine before Euro 2022 selection draw?

- Ahead is a meeting of the Executive Committee, after which we will decide on our future and plans.

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