Oleksandr Petrakov: I expected our competitions would be cancelled

The head coach of the youth U-17 national team of Ukraine Oleksandr Petrakov is upset that he will not have to play in the elite round of the Euro with his team.

As previously reported, UEFA made a number of decisions regarding national team tournaments. In particular, because of the coronavirus pandemic UEFA canceled final tournament of the European Championship 2020 (U-17), in which the national team of Ukraine could take part, if it passed the Elite roundthat also will not happen.

The head coach of the blue-yellows Oleksandr Petrakov shared his opinion on this issue.

- I am a little sad that all competitions in this age group did not work out, - said Petrakov. - Although, in principle, I assumed that such a decision would not be avoided.

- Now you need to prepare this team for a new challenge?

- Exactly. If the situation with the coronavirus pandemic improves, we will begin preparations for the reformed selection of the European Championship (U-19), which starts in November. If all goes well, we will hold two meetings before the start of this competition, in September (it is still unknown who we will play friendly matches with) and in October (two home sparring matches with the Romanian national team are planned).

- How will you learn your future rivals?

- I know Belgium, because the current national team of Ukraine has already met with it. A good team, it has many individually strong performers. I also saw Germany in a duel with the Greeks. I am not familiar with Sweden yet, although I have an idea of ​​this Scandinavian national team, which professes power football.

- How do you spend your time in quarantine?

- I stay at the country house in the company of my wife and dog. I'm looking after the lawn (smiling) and enjoying the fresh air.

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