2023: results of the year for the women's beach soccer team of Ukraine

In 2023, the women's beach soccer team of Ukraine took part in two prestigious international tournaments — the European Games and the Euroleague.

As part of the preparation for the season, the Ukrainian women held two educational and training meetings - from May 30 to June 4 in Gdansk, Poland, and from June 5 to 8 in Nazare, Portugal. Yuriy Klymenko's wards played four friendly matches on them. In Gdańsk, blue and yellow beat Poland twice (3:0 and 3:2), and in Nazaré they conceded twice to Portugal (3:4 and 3: 3 (2: 3, pen.)). 

After that, the first international tournament of this year was waiting for the Ukrainian national team — the III European Games in Tarnow, Poland. The competition was held from June 27 to July 1.

In the opening match of the tournament, the Ukrainian women lost to the first team of the BSWW world rating — Spain (4:6), but in the second match in the group they were able to beat Italy (2:1). Such a result gave Ukraine the opportunity to take second place in its top three and reach the semifinals of the European Games.

In the semi-finals, Yuriy Klymenko's wards won in Portugal (3:1), but in the final, the victory was not enough. The result was a draw with Spain in regular time and overtime (2:2) and a penalty shootout loss — 3:5. Thus, Ukraine won the silver of the III European Games!

In the future, from August 5 to 12, our women's national team was supposed to participate in the 2023 World Beach Games in Bali, but the competition were canceled due to Indonesia's refusal to hold them. 

Therefore, the season of the Ukrainian women ended with a performance in the Euroleague-2023 in the town of Alghero in Sardinia. Our girls started the tournament with defeats against the Netherlands (2:3) and Portugal (2:3, d. ch.). Such a result did not allow the blue-yellow team to reach the semifinals of the competition, and they continued the fight for the fifth-eighth places. In the first match they won against the Netherlands (2:1), but in the match directly for the fifth place they lost to Italy (2:6).   

Thus, this year the women's national team of Ukraine played 12 international matches. In them, the Ukrainian women won five times and lost seven times (the goal difference was 31-32). The best scorer of the season for the blue-yellow team was Yuliya Kostyuk, who scored seven goals.

In the BSWW world ranking, the women's national team of Ukraine ranks third (869 points), ahead of only Spain (1800) and England (916).

Matches of the women's beach soccer team of Ukraine in 2023

date Status Opponent Score Authors of chapters
03.06 sociable Poland 3:0  Vyapasnyak, Klipachenko (2)
04.06 sociable Poland 3:2  Davydenko, Dekhtyar, Kostyuk
06.06 sociable Portugal 3:4  Klipachenko, Kostyuk (2)
07.06 sociable Portugal 3: 3 (2: 3, pen.)  Dekhtyar (2), Kostyuk
27.06 European Games Spain 4:6  Vasylyuk, Klipachenko (2), Shulga
28.06 European Games Italy 2:1  Dekhtyar (2)
30.06 European Games Portugal 3:1  Dubytska, Tikhonova, Kostyuk
01.07 European Games Spain 2: 2 (3: 5, pen.)  Shulga, Kostyuk
20.09 Euroleague Netherlands 2:3  Shepherd, Dekhtyar
22.09 Euroleague Portugal 2:3, d. ch.  Volovenko, Vyapasnyak
23.09 Euroleague Netherlands 2:1  Vyapasnyak, Dubytska
23.09 Euroleague Italy 2:6  Klipachenko, Kostyuk
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