May. Chronicle of Events: 20st FFU Congress, Ukrainian Cup Final and Successful Start of U-XNUMX Team at World Championship

In May, the XXII FFU Congress took place in Zaporizhia, one of the decisions of which was to rename the Football Federation of Ukraine into the Ukrainian Football Association. There, in the city behind the thresholds, the winner of the Cup of Ukraine of the 2018/2019 season was determined. At the Slavutych Arena in Zaporizhia, the final match brought success to Shakhtar, which beat Ingulets. The youth national team of Ukraine (U-20) successfully started at the 2019 World Cup in Poland. There were many other events in football life.

May 2. The youth national team of Ukraine U-18 held the second of two planned friendly matches against their peers from Turkey in Kyiv. And if the first host celebrated the victory - 1:0, then the second with the same account they took the mountain their rivals.

May 3. The UEFA Cup Cup draw with the participation of the Ukrainian U-16 youth team has ended in Israel. In the final match of the competition wards Alexander Petrakov beat us Irish peers with a score of 2: 1 and finished in third place. 

May 8-12. Ukraine's youngest U-15 team successfully performed at the UEFA Development Tournament in Yerevan, winning the grand prize of the competition. Sergiy Nagornyak's wards defeated peers from Cyprus (3:1), Belarus (5:1) and Armenia (3:1), finishing in the 100% points group.

May 9-12. Beach Soccer Team of Ukraine competed in Spain in the qualifying tournament for a pass to the World Beach Games. The first rival of the team of Eugene Varenytsa were the Azerbaijanis, whom the blue and yellow won in 1/4 th (6:4). Next was the defeat of the Russians in the semifinals (2:7) and two tortoises, over Portugal and Belarus (respectively 5:3 and 5:2) in the tournament for 5-8 places. Finishing fifth, the Ukrainians won the right to play the last pass to the Games in a head-to-head match with a representative of South America.

May 15. The final match of the Cup of Ukraine of the 2018/2019 season took place in Zaporizhia. Shakhtar Donetsk confidently beat first-league Ingulets from Petrovy at Slavutych Arena (4:0) and won the 13th Cup of Ukraine in its history.

Before the final match, the equipment needed to set up the VAR system in Ukraine was presented. Its testing and training of referees who will work with the system in matches will begin after the approval and signing of a memorandum with FIFA and IFAB, - Told me President of the Football Federation of Ukraine Andriy Pavelko.

May 13-17. The WU-16 girls' national team held three meetings at the Friendly Development Tournament in Finland. Blue and yellow gave way to the Finnish teams (1:2), Switzerland (0:1) and Latvia (1: 1, on penalties - 2: 4) and took the last place in the competition.

May 17. A meeting of the Executive Committee of the Football Federation of Ukraine was held in Zaporozhye, in particular have been identified venues for qualifying matches of the national, youth and national women's national teams of Ukraine in 2019.

May 17. The XNUMXst Congress of the Football Federation of Ukraine was held in Zaporozhye. «This is the first away forum of the football community of our state. At the same time, the established practice of organizing the work of the highest governing body of the FFU in the regions is a natural continuation of the implementation of our chosen strategy of football decentralization and paying maximum attention to the development of millions' favorite game in all corners of our country. noted Federation President Andriy Pavelko, speaking to delegates.

The congress supported the draft decision to change the name of the organization. Delegates approved renaming of the Football Federation of Ukraine to the Ukrainian Football Association. This step was the second stage of the union's rebranding, which began three years ago. According to the president of the organization Andriy Pavelko, the choice in favor of the new name is natural in the context of the beginning of the creation of a new, European history of Ukrainian football.

May 19. Decided winner Ukrainian Premier League Championship among women's teams. Kharkiv's Zhytlobud-1 became unattainable for the pursuers two rounds before the finish of the tournament and won the ninth national gold in its history.

May 20. In Kiev at the STC. V. Bannikov under the patronage of the President of the Football Federation of Ukraine Andriy Pavelko and with the support of the Chairman of the Football Federation of Donetsk region Maxim Yefimov held a traditional charity match "Parliamentary Cup".

In the fourth draw, the team of people's deputies and the team of journalists of Ukraine met. Media workers proved to be stronger - 4: 1, but the main result of the match was fundraising to help displaced children from eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

The participants were awarded by the first vice-president of UAF Vadym Kostyuchenko and assistant head coach of the youth national team of Ukraine Vasyl Kardash. Vadym Kostyuchenko thanked the teams for participating in the charity match: “Football really unites politicians and journalists. And most importantly, with this traditional match, we support our displaced children. Participating in such a fight is part of helping children who need our support. "  

May 20-24. The youth national team of Ukraine (U-18) took the fourth place at the Cup of Slovakia tournament. Oleg Kuznetsov's wards defeated the Czech Republic in the group stage (2:0), lost to Spain (1:2) and draw with Croatia (0:0). In the match match for the 3rd place blue-yellow gave way to the Russians (0:1).

May 24. Ukraine's U-20 national team successfully started at the World Cup in Poland. In his first match, Alexander Petrakov's team defeated US representatives (2:1) - champions of his confederation.

At the post-match press conference, Oleksandr Petrakov noted: “We did not win the first half at all. During the break we talked to the guys. We went to the second half in the best condition… The conversation was in high tones. Unfortunately, I had to speak harshly. If my assistants and I managed to convey these words to the guys, it turns out that we did our job correctly».

May 25. The second draw of the Unconquered Cup tournament happened at the STC. V. Bannikov. The matches were attended by honorary guests - President of the Ukrainian Football Association Andriy Pavelko, First Vice President of UAF Vadym Kostyuchenko, Secretary General of the organization Yuriy Zapisotsky, Deputy Minister for Veterans Oleksandr Tereshchenko, Presidential Commissioner for Rehabilitation of ATO Participants Vadym Svyridenko.

"I bow to you from the entire football community of our country for your patriotism, steadfastness, strength of spirit and a shining example that you set for the whole of Ukraine. I wish you football victories and peace, "Andriy Pavelko told the tournament participants and its winners.

The tournament was attended by five teams from different regions of the country, formed of ATO veterans, who were seriously injured while defending our country in the East.

May 27. The national team of Ukraine played its second match at the 2019 World Cup (U-20) in Poland. Blue and yellow beat Qatar - 1:0 and guaranteed their participation in the playoffs.

May 28-30. The national team of Ukraine among students won the tournament "Carpathian space" in Uzhgorod. Anatoly Buznik's team, which is preparing for the Universiade in Italy, beat the university team of Uzhgorod - 4:0 and student team of Moldova - 7:0.  

May 30. U-2019 national team played the final match of the group tournament at the 20 World Cup, having drawn a draw (1:1) with Nigeria. The Ukrainians qualified for the 1/8 finals of the World Cup first place in Group D.

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