July. Chronicle of events: cities for the matches of the national team, the return of spectators to the stands and the final of the Cup of Ukraine

During July, football life in Ukraine continued to recover after a forced break caused by the pandemic and the cessation of all competitions.

July 1st. Working meeting on the reorganization of the competition system in the football championship of Ukraine among the teams of children's and youth sports facilities of the season 2020/2021 took place in the House of Football.

UAF First Vice President Vadym Kostyuchenko stressed that the current epidemiological situation in Ukraine is caused by COVID-19, but by reacting in time and stopping all youth competitions, we hope that next season in the most popular football sector will begin. with the planned schedule in September this year, of course, if there are no complications in our country caused by the coronavirus. And competitions will begin in three leagues, namely - in the Elite League, the top and first leagues of the championship of Ukraine among the teams of children's and youth sports institutions.

All participants of the meeting expressed hope that the DUFL Elite League will start on schedule.

July 2st. Became known cities for home matches of the national team of Ukraine in the League of Nations. As decided by the UAF Executive Committee, Switzerland will host the blue and yellows on September 3 in Lviv, and Germany on October 10 and Spain on October 13 in Kyiv.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

July 2st. On one of the artificial fields NTK them. V. Bannikov in honor of the International Day of Sports Journalist a friendly match took place between the team of the Ukrainian Football Association and the team of sports media.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

The UAF team, led by the organization's first vice-president Anatoliy Demyanenko and consisting of UAF president Andriy Pavelko, first vice-president of the association Vadym Kostyuchenko, president of DUFLU, MP Vitaliy Bort, chairman of the Kyiv regional football association Andriy Drought, coaches of the youth national teams of Ukraine Vasyl Kardash and Vitaliy Reva, gave journalists a real fight. As a result, the draw was 2: 2, and in a series of post-match penalties, luck smiled on journalists.

After the meeting, Andriy Pavelko said: "A wonderful football holiday, which was another victory over the COVID-19 pandemic, the special enthusiasm with which the teams competed for the trophy, only confirms how much we all missed football."

July 2st. Executive Committee of the Futsal Association of Ukraine made a decision to complete the women's futsal championship of Ukraine for the 2019/2020 season and determined the winners of the championship. Kyiv's Budstar-NPU became the national champion.

July 4st. At the STC. V. Bannikov took place the fifth annual charity match "Parliamentary Cup" between the team of people's deputies and the team of journalists of Ukraine. The charity match was held under the patronage of the President of the Ukrainian Football Association Andriy Pavelko and with the support of the Chairman of the Football Association of Donetsk Region Maksym Yefimov. The game ended with a score of 4: 2 in favor of the media. The national team of journalists of Ukraine became the winner of the Parliamentary Cup for the fourth time.

Before the award ceremony, the first vice-president of the UAF, Vadym Kostyuchenko, addressed the participants of the match: “Thank you for participating in the charity match. Football actually unites politicians and journalists. But the most important thing is that we support our displaced children with this traditional match. Participating in every such fight is our part of helping children who need support. Congratulations to the team of journalists who were stronger today. "

July 6-7. According to by decision of the Executive Committee Ukrainian Football Association, matches of the championship of Ukraine-2019/2020 resumed among women's teams.

July 7st. Kiev is over traditional, already the fourth, a prestigious football tournament among veterans 40+ Kyiv Football Cup, which was attended by 16 teams from 11 Ukrainian cities.

Performers who until recently delighted fans with their game for the leading Ukrainian clubs and the national team of Ukraine: Shukhovtsev, Kosirin, Tsikhmeistruk, Kostyuk, Kostyshyn, Polunin, Shishchenko, Sachko, Kabanov, Konyushenko and six world participants of the 2006 champion Vashchuk, Nazarenko, Shelayev, Vorobey, Belik, Svidersky. The winner of the tournament was "Vladimirovka", which in the dramatic final was stronger than the "Black Sea" - 4: 3, and the best player of the Kyiv Football Cup was Serhiy Nazarenko ("Dnipro").

July 8st. It took place at the Metalist USC in Kharkiv the final match of the Cup of Ukraine-2019/2020. An interesting and tense match between Dynamo Kyiv and Vorskla Poltava after a draw during the game time (1: 1) ended with a series of post-match penalties, which were better performed by the white and blue players (8: 7).

Photo by Alexander Osipov

"I liked the uncompromising fight on the field, the excellent arbitration from Kateryna Monzul and the work of the women's referee team, who worked on the final match for the first time in history," said UAFA President and UEFA Executive Committee member Andriy Pavelko.

The head of the Ukrainian association also announced encouraging news for the entire football community: “We are moving together with the Ministry of Health to come to a decision that will return spectators to the stands, initially - at least 25 percent of the number of seats. I hope that in the near future we will pleasantly surprise the fans with this decision. This will be another step towards a return to normal football life. "

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

April 12. The national team of Ukraine has learned the venue of the away match of the League of Nations 2020/2021 with the team of Germany, which is scheduled for November 14. According to the official website of the German Football Association, the match will take place in Leipzig, at the home stadium of the club of the same name "Red Bull Arena" (the game starts at 21.45 Kyiv time).

July 15st. It was presented new set of forms of the national team of Ukraine from Joma, which is the technical sponsor of the team. The blue and yellows will play in this form starting with the League of Nations matches this year.

Photo of UAF press service

July 16st. Published the next rating of FIFA national teams, in which due to the lack of international matches due to the coronavirus pandemic, no changes took place.

Ukraine ranks 24th, with 1537 points. Among UEFA representatives, our national team is 15th.

July 18st. At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Futsal Association of Ukraine a decision was made to move the final of four Ukrainian Futsal Cups to Zaporizhia.

This decision is due to the impossibility of holding matches with spectators. The matches of the final four will take place in the Zaporizhia Palace of Sports "Youth" on the 15th (semifinals) and on August 16 (final). Severodonetsk was chosen as the previous venue for the final of the four Futsal Cups of Ukraine.

July 20st. The venue of the Euro-2022 qualifying tournament match between the women's national teams of Ukraine and Greece has become known. September 22 blue and yellow for the first time in history will play home match in Zaporizhia at Slavutych Arena.

July 20st. Signed memorandum of cooperation between UAF and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

The first vice-president of the Ukrainian Football Association Vadym Kostyuchenko stated that there are many areas of digital transformation that the association is going to implement with the advisory support of the Ministry of Finance. "From the electronic passport of the fan to the electronic passport of the player. We are also grateful to join the digital literacy training program, which is especially needed in the regions of Ukraine, "Vadym Kostyuchenko stressed.

July 22st. The venue of the 2020/2021 League of Nations match Switzerland-Ukraine has been determined. The Swiss Football Association has announced that the match against Ukraine will take place in Lucerne November 17 (beginning at 21.45 pm Kyiv time).

July 22st. A working meeting between the Minister of Health Maksym Stepanov and the President of the Ukrainian Football Association, a member of the UEFA Executive Committee Andriy Pavelko took place, following which admission was agreed in the test mode of spectators at the UPL playoff match for a ticket to the second qualifying round of the Europa League.

It was said that the stands of the stadiums where the matches will take place will be able to fill by 25%.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

"We can be proud that in Ukraine, unlike some other countries, the championship resumed after quarantine and was completed. But behind all this is hard work - first of all, the joint efforts of the UAF and the Ministry of Health.

Today we took the next step - in a test format, the first matches, which are UPL playoff matches, after a long quarantine will take place with the fans. This is 25% of the spectators from the seats available at the stadium. In the future, we will ask the Ministry of Health to allow 50% of spectators to visit the stadiums with the start of the new season, "said Andriy Pavelko.

July 24st. Stadium service and security of UAF competitions published a list of stadiums, which as of July 24 of this year meet the structural criteria of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th categories of UAF in accordance with the provisions on the categories of stadiums of the Regulations of stadium infrastructure and safety measures for football competitions.

25—29 July. The Premier League playoff matches for a ticket to the Europa League took place. Having won Dnipro-1 (4: 1) and "Mariupol" (1: 0), the right to participate in the European Cup tournament next season elections "Kolos" (Kovalivka). The playoffs were the first in Ukraine after the easing of quarantine measures, in which fans were admitted in a test mode.

Photo by koloskovalivka.com

"The UPL-2019/20 Championship ended with a bright final playoff match for qualifying for the Europa League! A wonderful football holiday at the NSC "Olympic" and a wonderful end to the tournament on a sporting basis! Although in March-April, few believed it was possible. For example, in France or the Netherlands, the championships have not resumed.

It is no less important that the third match with the fans in the stands took place after a long break! Yes, now it is only 25% of the total number of seats in the stadium, but we continue to work with the Ministry of Health and hope that in the new season this figure will double. And later, I hope, the support of the stands will be felt by the national team in the matches of the League of Nations, "- commented on the results of the playoffs of the Premier League, the president of the UAF, a member of the UEFA Executive Committee Andriy Pavelko.

July 25st. The House of Football happened solemn presentation of D-diplomas of UAF. The first vice-presidents of the association Anatoliy Demyanenko and Vadym Kostyuchenko presented diplomas to the students who successfully completed the training course.

Photo by Volodymyr Rasner

Training under the program "D-diploma of UAF" was conducted by the Football Institute of UAF and NUFVSU together with the Ukrainian Football Association remotely, using modern means of communication. Regional associations delegated their representatives as candidates for the course, who were then interviewed.

"I would like to say that this was our first project of this format, and thank you that in such a difficult time you were able to find opportunities to get an education remotely, and now you can pass this knowledge to your students. In the future we will continue to work in this direction.

The infrastructure created in our country today - more than two thousand artificial turf pitches, built on the latest technologies - gives us hope that these pitches will come not only future players, but also future professionals, "he said. Vadim Kostyuchenko.

July 26st. It ended in Kramatorsk the sixth traditional tournament in memory of Stepan Chubenko - the goalkeeper of local "Vanguard" who was lost five years ago at the hands of fighters of so-called "DNR".

Eight groups from Kramatorsk, Kostiantynivka, Pokrovsk and Poltava took part in the memorial. In the final, "Patriot" defeated "Border Guard" - 7: 0.

Photo of UAF press service

July 26st. The winner of the Ukrainian championship among women's teams was determined. In the penultimate, 17th round of "Zhitlobud-2" Zhytlobud-1 won (2: 0) and became inaccessible to persecutors.

July 29st. It's over draw of the Cup of Ukraine among amateurs. In the return match of the final, Olimpia (Savintsi, Poltava region) defeated Victoria (Mykolaivka, Sumy region) 1: 0 (first match - 1: 1) and won the trophy.

July 30st. Ukrainian team of arbitrators consisting of Kateryna Monzul, Oleksandra Ardasheva and Maryna Streletska received an important purpose from the UEFA Referees Committee.

Ukrainian referees will work on the final tournament of the UEFA Women's Champions League of the 2019/2020 season, which will be held from 21 to 30 August in Spain with eight participants in the playoffs.

July 31st. Were played the last matches of the championship of Ukraine-2019/2020 among women's teams of the major league. After the last day of play, the first vice-president of UAF Vadym Kostyuchenko awarded the winners of the tournament, the team "Zhytlobud-2", and conveyed to all participants of the championship greetings from the president of the Ukrainian Football Association, member of the UEFA Executive Committee Andriy Pavelko.

Photo of UAF press service

In addition, during the month the Ukrainian Football Association continued to assist the teams of ATO participants, in particular at Plains, Odessa region, encouraged by special prizes winners of the online competition "Guards Complex" under the auspices of the National Guard of Ukraine.

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